Fito Spray: doubtful in price and effect

That’s something else. A diet spray from Poland has also been sold in Germany for a few months now. That’s probably as adventurous as it sounds.

With a rating of 0.8 from the maximum rating of 20, the rating portals let you know that this is probably not really the “Philosopher’s Stone”.

The ingredients of Fito are all found in countless competitive products.

You don’t have to be an expert to realize that this composition is not likely to be successful.

Fake studies on green coffee extracts have already led to million-dollar lawsuits in the USA.

The Garcinia Cambogia has an influence on weight loss is also vigorously denied by science. However, there is no doubt that the hydroxy citric acid contained in it can lead to some side effects, which should not be underestimated.

The highly acclaimed Acai berry does not live up to its reputation either. It is not unhealthy, but you can’t lose weight with it.

The same applies to the extract of mango and goji berry. To date, the scientists have not been able to establish a relevant link to weight loss.

Users are annoyed that green and blue have spent a lot of money on an ineffective product. We are talking about “pranking”, can only advise against it, not one gram taken off, etc.

The Polish company White Dot SEO is responsible for distributing this diet spray. This company is known to create new “miracle cures” at regular intervals.

This production facility for “medical miracles” has already been established:

As usual when a product promises more than it can keep, the whole website is built on “tricks”. Self-written success stories. Images taken from any photo database, the persons depicted may not even know that their images are used but can also be found on many other websites.

The entire structure of the website is comparable to other websites of slimming products such as Chocolate Slim. Apparently we work together here and the “skeleton” of the website is used again and again, slightly modified. Of course, this can also save costs. Whether this leaves a good impression when the websites are so similar is another question.

Who likes can also watch some movies on YouTube which are actually quite simple. You can also give that away.

The promises to lose up to 5 kilos a week with this spray are utopian.

The antioxidants contained in the product are supposed to suppress the feeling of hunger, according to the manufacturers’ promises. In addition, the body is to be dehydrated and detoxified. In addition, the cholesterol level should also be balanced.

Taking it is very easy. You only have to spray the product into your throat, that’s all. The spray should taste like menthol, which also gives fresh breath.

According to the manufacturer, only natural products are used for this spray. Since one can limit oneself to 1-2 inhalations per day, the individual doses are so small that no side effects are to be expected. Conversely, it has no positive effect. From this point of view, this spray is simply a poorly chosen investment.

You can order through the in-house website of Fito-Diät-Spray. The price for a bottle is 39.00 Euro. Consumption is limited, so the bottle is likely to hold out for a month. Seen in this way, this diet spray is comparatively inexpensive.

According to research, there are also several copies in circulation that are sold via online pharmacies. The outer appearance is so well made that the original and copy can hardly be visually distinguished. Before buying from an online pharmacy it is not always advisable to sell copies, as copies are often sold.

Overweighty people will not become slimmer or happier with the Fito diet spray. The majority of the evaluations are useless. No effect of any kind. The composition and the very low dosages do not permit any scientific conclusions to be drawn. Talking about wasting money here is no exaggeration.

There are certainly real alternatives at no cost. A scientifically supported diet with a suitable diet, some sport or exercise will bear fruit. No utopian 5 kilos a week, but sustainable and healthy for body and mind.

Fito Spray

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