Fungalor Mycosis Cream: opinions and price, where to find it in pharmacy and on Amazon – Correct information

Fungalor is a well-known and interesting product of creams for fungus and fungi at the feet. In the two paragraphs that start from here we will see various information about the composition of this cream, the various selling prices, information about the availability in pharmacy and Amazon as well as any opinions and opinions of those who already own it.


As we said in the introduction, Fungalor is a cream created to treat nail mycosis (also known as fungi at the feet or onychomycosis). What makes the product in question an antifungal cream is its active ingredient, its composition, based on a natural recipe.

This natural composition, as reported by the official site of Fungalor is composed of various vitamins effective in softening the skin and counteract flaking, from limonene, anti-inflammatory substance, honey extract, able to inhibit bacterial activity by disinfecting the skin and, last but not least, from clotrimazole, an ingredient that makes of its ability to inhibit the growth of fungosis and yeasts.

These four ingredients, which contribute to the composition of Fungalor, are used to counteract and cure fungus, an infection which, in addition to causing aesthetic defects and daily annoyances, can lead to the appearance of other infectious diseases. For these reasons, it is advisable to prevent the appearance of fungi at the feet by applying creams of this kind, as well as treating them.

Precisely in relation to the application modalities, it is suggested to apply a dose of the product on the area concerned, paying particular attention to let the cream flow even below the nail in order to make Fungalor act in the best way. Further information is available in the package leaflet included in the sales package.

As a natural product, no particular contraindications or side effects have been indicated as a result of a Fungalor application. Clearly, when reading the composition of the product, care must be taken when particular allergies are complained about. In this case, medical advice must be sought.

Anyone who wants to try the cream, which unfortunately is not available on Amazon or in pharmacies, will be able to buy it on the official website of Fungalor by filling in a simple form with their personal details. And the price? 39 euro instead of 78 euro, really convenient!

Ultimately, the opinions of those who have already tested the product on their skin. Well, in addition to the positive opinions and the opinions of the experts that are read on the Fungalor website, according to what we read on the various articles that talk about it, it seems that this cream is really effective. However, as with various products of this kind, there is no customer review or opinion on the forums or blogs published to date, excluding promotional items. In any case, for any additional information and to dispel any doubts about this, we suggest you visit the Fungalor antifungal cream website.


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